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Just so you all know (in case you didn’t already)… I’m an idiot!

I say that in the most Affectionate and Kind way possible so as not to injure myself :).

But mostly I say it for any of you out there that might think that ‘being a Mama of eight’ equals ‘being super-woman’.

To clear the air, I’d like you all to know that really, I’m just an idiot.

I’m an idiot who decided to let-go-of-control and cling to trust.

I’m an idiot who chose to Trust in a Wisdom that is Bigger than herself–just in case it really does exist.

I’m an idiot who believes in Woman and in the incredible abilities that are programmed into Her.

I’m an idiot who’s heart aches when confronted with birth-control and anything else that acts as an affront to femininity… an attack against humanity………. a lethal serpent hellbent on destroying ‘the Woman and her seed’…

I’m an idiot who didn’t particularly want to have a pod-full of children, but couldn’t bear to succumb to the societal pressure to control… or BE controlled.

I’m an idiot who followed through with that thought-process and bore eight children.

So I guess all that makes me an idiot and a rebel; and now more than ever, as the resulting children of this heartfelt rebellion have only strengthened my idiotic ideas on the subject (ABSOLUTE TREASURES that those children are!).

I’m just an idiot who thinks Femininity and Womanhood should be kept alive and whole, not shut-down and cut-off.

I’m an idiot who happens to believe that ‘Woman’ is pretty special and unique; and I’d like to see what else she is capable of when she steps beyond the bounderies that SHE and society have placed upon her.

I’m an idiot who longs to see the full-potential of Woman; and I intend to fight for that (for ‘Her’) in my own quiet, idiotic way…

I’m an idiot-Woman who chose to let-go and knowingly ventured outside the “safety” of The Camp (the unspoken boundaries of “health”, “freedom”, “good-society” and “christian-living”); and I have seen hidden virtues rise up out here in the wilderness; survival responses that only an idiot would discover when pushed beyond Self and faced with great challenge.

I’m an idiot who ventured into the wilderness with just enough conviction and rebellion to see it through to this point… now half-way across the world… living in a Shed!… mothering 8!!! precious souls… and not doing it anywhere near perfect … but doing it all with Sincerity and Trust… Still believing in that greater Wisdom–even though it remains unseen…

I think only an idiot would do that.  Dont’ you?

I’m not particularly special or gifted or patient or kind… I am Woman… (idiot-Woman that I am)… and actually, that does make me extraordinary… a bearer of life in a world of death…

and WOMAN…

so are YOU!

With Absolute Love and Admiration for all you Women out there… I am forever yours…