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This word is often used by musicians when they are recording outside the control and refinement of a recording studio.  It is a recording of their music in “real life” as opposed to the edited, perfected versions we also love to hear.  Both are beautiful!  One is more risky.

I’ve thought long and hard about adjusting ‘Being BigSis’ to include something a bit more risky.  Bits from my personal journal.

I have kept a journal for many years now, not so much documenting day to day activity, but rather a dialogue between myself and the Lord.  A place where  I can be Raw and Real and say the things I probably shouldn’t say anywhere else.  The Father knows my heart, and is not shocked by anything I could put down in there.  He knows ALL OF IT already.  I might as well learn to be honest with myself as well, revealing the good the bad and the shocking!

I do not feel a need to share everything that goes into that place, but I have witnessed in my own life how good it has been to hear other peoples real and raw stories of  joys and struggles along life’s path–each story uniquely encourages my own journey in some way.

This section also includes thoughts, stories and messages from other persons lives that have Precious things to share.  Sometimes Raw–always Real.  If posted here, these persons have given me permission to do so in the name of Edification and Encouragement as the lives, stories, joys and sorrows of the people around us have a way of boosting the rest of us as we move forward on Life’s Journey.

For some, this category may be a little too rugged and I am not at all offended if you pass it by.  For others, you are likely to find your Self in some of these posts, and I hope they serve to encourage you in your own Incredible Journey of Life.

Love and Blessings to you all!


I LOVE hearing from you… all the juicy bits… whether you agree or disagree or just need to rant… keep the comments coming!  

Alternatively, if you do not want your comments posted here for others to read, you may send me your thoughts and/or questions via email to thetommyproject@gmail.com.

Love BigSis