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(For an explanation on this and other posts under “Raw, Real and Unplugged” see this post.)

The following excerpt documents a story that unfolded before me while sitting in a coffee shop.  A rare occasion when I was completely alone (except for my nursing baby Ted) and had time to linger over a hot drink.  The message began for me as a precious little story demonstrating another facet of the Father’s Love that I had not seen before; but a short time later the story took on new meaning as I was literally faced with a situation of legal-judgment and I realized the message of the story had specific relevance to me in that situation… It seemed story was intentionally administered to give proper perspective as I entered into the lions den.

Why share it???  Although the story was deeply encouraging to me personally, I am inclined to share it with others as I recognize that we are part of ONE BODY.  If the Lord administers vitamin C to one cell in the body with good result, there is a good chance that the cells close by will also benefit from the same nutrient.  So, considering the possibility that some of you neighboring cells could also benefit from some good old vitamin C, I will not hoard it any longer but pass it on.  If that’s you… this story is YOURS.  

And please consider… if you have been given a dose of Good God Medicine recently, perhaps the rest of us need some of that as well… Do share!!

July 26, 2012                                    Thursday                                    10:20 a.m.

(At ‘Cup’ in Cashmere while Trudy watches kids in Fendelton)

Sweet Jesus… How Precious You are!

Let me see what You see.  Where is Your Heart at today?

Mine is all over the board… but mostly just wants to be fixed on You… am SO incredibly grateful for the Gorgeous Baby Boy (Teddy) sitting next to me in his pram, sucking his little fingers; my heart is full and I can’t thank You enough for giving me the honor of mothering these babies… I know that You’ve given me what I need, and WILL GIVE me what I need to do the job Well… thanks for that!  I receive Your Grace (ALL that You desire to bestow upon me) in Jesus Name! … Just remembering how yesterday my cheeky little Nalia (nearly 2!) cupped my face gently in her chubby little hands just like I do to her, and just like YOU do to me… I need more of You Lord so that I can Love like You—my children and Dusty first, and then everyone else You bring across my path… Remove every barrier and obstacle that blocks the flow of Love from You to me and me to You and all the world.

We have a pile of judgments upon us… a few more rose up again last night… all of them specifically attacking our identity.

Thank You for Speaking TRUTH over us!  You have not cast those judgments upon us—even if we HAVE behaved badly along the way… You have already forgiven all of it, and You are not fixed on our weaknesses in any way… You See and Speak to our Potential, to who You know we can be… who You made us to be.  You are not upset with us.

I see an image of myself as a little child who realizes I’ve knocked over someones glass (accidentally) as I was playing… the person is very upset with me and I run into Your arms to hide, to be protected, for comfort and for help… You gather me into Your arms… scoop me up… give me a huge smile and an adoring snuggle and hold me safely away from the one who is pursuing me… I snuggle into You and rest knowing that You will stand up on my behalf to defend me and also to make my wrong right.  My accuser points his finger and fires shame, blame, accusation, judgment and punishment at me.  You remain steadfast and hold me tight… Your tender arms speaking an entirely different message to me… “Grace child.  Peace child.  I Love you daughter—even adore you my sweet!  You are Precious and Lovely.  You make me Laugh.  The full Light of My Countenance is upon you Beloved.  Let the enemy rant and rave.  Let him point and accuse until all his venom is released.  I will collect it all, bag it up and give it back to him; his judgment is NOT for you to receive.  I will also make the wrong right and repair his broken glass… and what do you think, shall we fill it with something sweet?… Yes, I think so too My Love, something better than what he had before… a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top!  Great choice My Dear!  Let’s do it.  He may choose to receive it or not—up to him… But I say to you Daughter—‘You have done Well’ and I am incredibly Proud of you!… Let’s go home and Rest.  Lay your head on My shoulder—I will carry you My Darling.”  And my adversary is left speechless to decide what he will do with his milkshake as he watches us walk away.  It is not my concern what he does now, so I snuggle in to Papa… As I rest peacefully I drowsily think “I hope he chooses to like his gift… Papa made it Special for him…”

May your heart Rest in KNOWING that you have a Papa who loves you like that!

Love and Blessing, 


P.S. There is a followup to this post here if you’d like to read a little more.

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