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Ran across an article I appreciated by Wellness Mama about contraception.

This is a subject I have wrestled with for many years… so far my heart winning out over logic and reason and baby #9 is on the way!  The part of the world we live in does not blatantly frown upon having so many children as do locations like China, but neither is it supported.  There is an undercurrent of negativity surrounding the subject, and most are much happier with the predictability of “control” than openness to Possibility.

In our family OF COURSE once a child is here they become another gem to us and we can’t imagine life without them.  But the ones we have not yet met are another story.  We do not know what we are missing, and therefore do not miss it.  And so it is for the rest of the world, which makes the choice to prevent pregnancy that much easier.

Then there is the issue of practicality.  Who can really afford to have more than two or three children???  The logical answer is NO ONE.  And yet, here we are with less financial means than ever before… and somehow IT WORKS!

Touching on religion… Many ‘excuse’ our choice to have so many children as a product of our connection with the Catholic Church.  To put this myth to rest, I adamantly refuse to acknowledge religion as the reason behind our choice… WE have made this choice of our own accord and have not been forced or guilted into doing so by any person or entity.  That said, I will also admit that I personally very much appreciate that the Catholic Church has unswervingly defended LIFE all these years going totally against the pressures and changes in society on the matter… their teaching is beautiful and I happen to agree with its principal.

Dusty too has been along on this journey–OBVIOUSLY!  It takes two to tango ;).  As “provider” he feels the pressure of the logical portion of nourishing children.  Mostly though, his struggle is with the comments and judgments directed at him from other people… often unspoken but “heard” nonetheless… things like “Irresponsible!” “Stupid!” “Foolish!”.  Most often the comments come in the form of sarcasm… “Don’t you have a TV?” “You do know how that happens don’t you?”, and all sorts of other crude comments that I don’t care to repeat.  They are said in jest, mostly because people don’t know what to say, but sarcasm I have found is NEVER positive.  Making something into a joke does not make it any less potent than its original intent.

Most recently, as we have struggled with some of the details of work and living, Dusty and I were brought to recognize that in the midst of the MANY MANY things falling apart and unravelling in our life, the ONE THING that continues to grow and blossom is our family.  Why shut down what appears to be the only smooth-running and fruitful part of our life?

Perhaps I will share more on this subject in the future as our journey progresses.  For now I will defer to WellnessMama and her well-spoken explanation on current forms of conventional birth-control plus her thoughts on more natural alternatives (click here for that article). I think you will at least find her thoughts and research interesting.

Although we are still in the battle over this issue ourselves, I encourage you to at least entertain the questions and possibilities for yourself.  Why do you do what you do?  What does your heart say vs. your head?

Would love to hear your thoughts as you journey!

Love, BigSis

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