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The following is another FaceBook dialogue between Polly and myself following the Boston bombing.  

I felt this dialogue would be worth sharing (yes, I have permission) as it brings some additional thought to the most recent event that seemed to touch the whole of our Nation and beyond.  I am SO glad Polly brought it up–she has an ability to see beyond the obvious and into something Real.  I love that!  My response is classic BigSis and very wordy so don’t bother with the second part if you don’t have the time… the actual juice and food for thought is in the first section that Polly wrote.  Hope it provokes you as it did me… lots of directions her questions can take you.

With Love,


Friday April 19, 2013

jeremyNpolly parrie  
hey sissys… this is something i’ve been pondering the last few days and feeling to guilty to tell anyone…
not sure if you heard about the two bombs that went off near the finish line of the boston marathon? a young boy and two girls in their 20’s were killed, several people have to get amputations and 20 others were injured… it’s a very sad, and tragic event and has been on every tv channel and internet ever since and people are treating it as the biggest tragedy since 911 …tell me if i’m totally wrong in my thinking but this is how my heart feels…
yes this was absolutely unacceptable for this to happen and i’d be devastated if anyone i knew was involved,, BUT whatever mentally unstable person that did this will be punished and is obviously an outcast and going to be seen as that FOREVER! but i’m disturbed that our own neighbors are abusing and neglecting their children (this sort of torture to me is much worse that death by a stranger… husbands and wifes are cheating and abusing one another… murders happen every minute around the world (unborn babies as well as shootings, etc)… i know the people mourning for Boston would probably agree with me that these things are tragic as well.. but i’m just baffled at how publicized the boston issue is but none of the other issues? 1 in 4 girls will be molested/raped during her childhood (and usually it’s not one instance, it lasts years and years, day and night of torture) … parents choose to live for themselves and neglect their babies….i’m just blabbing now, but i’m just a bit disturbed… what’s your take?



 Dustica Schad  I hear you Polly… and completely agree! The media is not helpful at all when it comes to bringing appropriate perspective on things. I too am especially troubled in times like these when the masses seem to be in uproar, and it only feeds fear, worry, suspicion; causing many to lose track of where they Truly need to be focused. Too much time and energy spent on what appears to be “good” and is “socially acceptable” as bigger bombs and land-mines are being set up right underneath them undetected while they worry over things that are not theirs to worry over…. And while I’m on this subject… No one should EVER worry over ANYTHING! (I remind myself!) Isn’t that what Jesus told us? He didn’t say bad things wouldn’t happen… in fact He confirmed that they would! … but He also said several times “DO NOT WORRY” “DO NOT BE AFRAID”… Why would He say that when He KNEW what evil was coming??… And why would He say that if He hadn’t made provision for us to do it? Jesus, Father, HS… They are Kind… and completely aware of our humanity and weakness… they would not say “go and do this impossible thing… We know you will fail but we just want to watch you try so we can laugh at you when you fall”… NO!!!… If God asks us–in this case tells us–to do something, I assume then that He will also give us what we need to accomplish the task, and help-us/encourage-us along the way. As Ted is learning to walk I don’t laugh at him when he tries and falls… I go totally overboard in cheering him on, helping him out… we even got him a walker to help train him in how its done.
Kay… getting off course for a minute, but all these issues travel in the same camp.

I think your statement is profound and points to the fact that you are seeing from a different place. You aren’t going with the flow of society and reacting as you are “supposed” to, but are questioning your position instead. Wondering what is really important… where is the battle at for you? Are you called to intercede over the Boston bombing??? Perhaps. A lot of ‘christians’ would be appalled at your even considering NOT doing so. Something like this happens and the immediate religious response is “PRAY!!!!!”… I would suggest the immediate response should be to SHUT UP AND LISTEN. What!!??? You freak Tica! … Ok. Fair enough. I agree. I’m a freak. But I also know this… YOU DO WHAT THE FATHER SAYS TO DO AND SAY WHAT THE FATHER SAYS TO SAY, and if His Grace is not with you to intercede over that situation DON’T. DO NOT BE DISTRACTED FROM WHERE YOU ARE ACTUALLY CALLED TO BE. The enemy would love nothing more that to have us leave our post. 
I often visualize this life we live as a battle and the Father as our Incredible General King training us and directing us as we go. We take our orders from Him and Him only. He Sees all and Knows all and is not flippant in His approach to this War. He is precise and intentional about everything He does. How many good soldiers are running about from this fire to that fire trying the help everybody out… only wearing themselves out in the striving. And how many others are so totally overwhelmed by the bigness of the war that they neglect to take care of the station they’ve been appointed to, leaving our territories un-watched and unprotected. It all feels so BIG! How can I be of any effect or consequence in the overwhelming battle I am in — much less the war??? And EVEN IF I choose to stay at my post and defend my little piece of ground… if my neighbors to the left and to the right of me have given up, what use is it?? Here again I choose Hope. And I choose to Believe that my Awesome, Super-Genius Daddy, who is General and King over His people, is Brilliant when it comes to war strategy and tactics. He Knows exactly what He is doing. He knows what’s good and also what’s Best. He will train me till I’m ready. And He will position me where my set of unique skills will have the most effect. Its not up to me. Its up to Him. And I WANT to be a soldier that listens and obeys so that I can be trusted to fight the battles He sets before me; to take and hold the ground that my Lord is training me to take. We CANNOT take our orders from other voices. Especially the loud voice of the media.

ANYHOW… all in all Polly I am so glad you raised this question… so glad you took the time to think on it instead of shoving it aside…. so glad you invited us into the question with you, or else I WOULD HAVE passed it by… so glad I am up at 11:22p.m. chatting with my sisters and pondering what is Really True and Really Real… so glad we have such a Brilliant Daddy to lean on and to train us!!!… so glad its Friday so I can sleep in tomorrow

Kay. BigSis is done for now.
Love you heaps! Nighty Night.


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