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I have found that packages delivered by the Lord can take a while to unpack.  In fact ten months later I am still living in and unpacking the lessons and promises given to me through “Coffee With Papa” (that post can be viewed here).  The following journal entry came forth more than a month after the original story unfolded on a day where I was feeling judgment and a ‘demand to repay’ very strongly!  Feeling crushed by the weight of perceived responsibility, I remembered the lesson from the Coffee Shop and turned my heart to my Papa… Running into His protective arms and remembering what He showed me in that place.  Acknowledging that “milk was spilled” in our wake,  I wanted desperately to be able to DO something about it.  I then remembered that there WAS something that the Lord HAD invited me into.  So I did my part.  And since then have left it in His care now leaning on His Promise to take care of the rest.  

If YOU received Coffee With Papa as a personal message for YOURSELF.  This entry too can be personalized for YOU.

Love, BigSis

Action following Coffee With Papa…

August 2012

Replacing Spilled Milk…

Whose drinks were spilled as we walked past?

(Here I made a long list of misc. persons, subcontractors, homeowners, vendors, friends, family, etc.  Anyone that came to mind that may have been effected by our journey.)

What shall we replace their “spilled milk” with?

A chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top… as well as… some fresh homemade french fries and homemade aioli… AND a voucher to make a selection of their choice at a later date….

Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit (HS), I thank You for being here with me.  I thank You for Loving me as You do—extravagantly, unreservedly, abundantly and without hesitation or reservation.  I see how You look upon me and there is Joy in Your Eyes, Perfect-pride, Excitement, Enthusiasm, Tenderness, Adoration… Love.  You Love me God. Me!  And You are Proud to call me Yours!  You have no misgivings about doing so, and I Thank You!  I receive Your Love as wholeheartedly as I know how.  And I Bless You… I am aware Lord that as Dusty and I have walked and explored the territory You brought us to, there has been a “spill” that took place as we passed.  And we are receiving strong judgment as a result.  The demands and accusations upon us are greater than we can bear or repair on our own.  We are only small children and we run to You as our Father, our Savior, our Protector, our Friend, our Comfort, our Help and our Defense.  I know You will take care of us because You have shown me that You will.  In Your Kindness You have invited me to participate in Blessing those who’s drinks have spilled… I get to be involved in replacing what was lost… and I gladly look to You with these requests on their behalf…

Lord, lets Bless them with Love and Joy, with Peace, Kindness, Goodness and Gentleness—with all things sweet and lovely.  Let us also get for them a bit of delicious savory… the Light of Your Truth in Love with a sprinkling of Humility dipped in Grace… and then Lord, lets leave them with a voucher so that they might make a request of their own at a time of their choosing; a request that will be answered with a “Yes, you may have that, its been paid for already.”  What do You think Father?  Will that do?  Is that a nice request?

(To which He answers with an approving Smile.)

I Love You so much Papa!  Thank You for Loving me.  Thank You for holding me.  I am so proud and grateful for be Yours.  I choose to Rest in You and I Bless You.  Amen.


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Love BigSis