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This post has been stimulated by my little sister Betsy.  She also lives in New Zealand, along with her Kiwi-hubby and their daughter (you can see them here on Hadassah’s birth-day post).

The two of us received a “makeup” package from our sister Polly who lives in the States… ahhh The United States, where one can buy nice but affordable makeup at places like Walmart or Target (our favorite!) as opposed to the very same VERY EXPENSIVE makeup we can get here (we’re talking at least $30 for a bottle of mascara–ouch!).

Anyway, after receiving our packages and a quick conversation admitting our mutual lack of skill in the makeup department, I told Bets I would forward her some beauty-links that I have found helpful to me recently… and then I thought… Hey!  Some of you might appreciate these links too!

So here’s to you Betsy  and to all the rest of you Lovely Ladies out there who are as challenged as we are!

Recently one of my most helpful beauty sources has been Cara of “MaskCara”; she’s the creator and author of this popular beauty blog.  I will link you to a few of my favorites on her site beginning with THIS POST which is what makes me LOVE and respect Cara–she is humble yet bold with what she does and is able to approach the subject of ‘Beauty’ without falling into vanity.  Plus she reminds me of my very good friend Marcy who previous to my move to New Zealand was my most trusted beauty consultant.  Both of them sincerely see Beauty in EVERY FACE–which is why they are so good at what they do!

The next post I want to share with you is titled “Mommy Makeup” and has a short video tutorial that gives some quick and easy pointers for everyday makeup… (not just for Mommy’s).  I have found this one to be super inspiring and DOABLE.  I’ve been able to tweak the concepts Cara shows by using the miscellaneous makeup I have on hand, so don’t feel you have to go out and buy a bunch of new makeup to give it a try.  Although, if you need an excuse to do so… BY ALL MEANS GO FOR IT!  Like I said before, I trust Cara’s advice on makeup and if I could, I would love to purchase anything and everything she suggests.

I have also recently put to use a hair curling technique that Cara calls “twirl curls”.  I find that if I take the time to curl my hair a day or so after washing, the body will hold for several more days and makes the following days a cinch to pull off a decent hairdo… YES, that means I rarely shower and wash my hair (confessed!)… My hair does not get oily fast, and a proper shower does not easily fit into my day.  That DOES NOT MEAN I do not care about how I present myself… I have just found other ways to put myself together that take less time… like Twirl Curls and “Mommy Makeup” from above.

And finally, this post by Cara has given me the confidence to take and share the following photos.  Some days are tougher than others, and I often find that the days I feel the lousiest are the days when I (and my family!) most benefit from some mommy-care.  Just a few minutes (doesn’t take a lot!) set apart to pull myself together and the day doesn’t look so bad.  Here are some shots from a couple of rough days smoothed out.

Twirl Curls and Mommy Makeup

PLEASE DO have your own look around Cara’s site, there is SO much more to see!  It is chock full of fantastic tips and she is ALWAYS UPLIFTING.

Also… I would love to hear about the little tricks and tools YOU have found to be helpful along the way when it comes to pulling your Cute-Selves together.  PLEASE DO pass them on!

With Love, BigSis