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Yesterday’s continuum on Beauty began with 2 reasons why I MUST do a couple more posts on this subject.  You can check out Reason #1 here.  Reason #2 is being knocked out now… that being that I’d better kill any suspicion of a new wife/mom in this family before they arise when you catch a glimpse of some dark-haired woman snuggled up to Dusty or nurturing The Peas in upcoming posts.


Dyed my hair.

My dirty-blond went to dark brown which then went to BLACK.  Mmmm Hmmm.  I did that!  ME!

To give you a preview of the process that took me here I’m letting you in on one of my journal entries–the one that sealed the deal:

PHASE 1-Dark Brown

May 12, 2013 6:18 a.m.

Can we talk for a moment about my hair.  Its been years now that I’ve been considering a shift to darker hair and continually hesitate.  A couple of times I have even moved forward–but with reservation and only ended up with undesirable results leading me back to my original once again.
Why dye???
Because I “feel” like a dark brunette–classy, confident, soft yet bold… it somehow seems the deep rich color I envision suits the direction I see myself heading in.
Why do I hesitate???
It’s “fake”.  And makes me wonder if I’m just trying to be someone that I’m not.  Wouldn’t You have made me brunette if I was meant to be one?  Plus, in principle I am generally opposed to all things artificial.  Won’t I and everyone around me (at least the ones who know me) recognize the “facade” as a ‘show’ a ‘fake’?  Not good when my very deepest hearts desire is to be REAL!  Is my desire to change my hair color really just an indication of insecurity with who I am?  Or is it an act of bold confidence saying ‘Here I am.  Look at me.  I have MANY True colors.’–even if it is one that I ‘put on’… True?
(this is what I “heard”)
Brunette darlin’.  Definitely go brunette for this season.  We can always change it in the next… according to what suits you best.  Who’s to say that in heaven We do not change our “colors”.  We are constantly changing according to the times and the seasons.  Internally We are CONSTANT but the display on the exterior reflects who We need to be in every given moment.
C O L O R / C H A N G E … We love them!
It does not change who you are it enhances it… celebrates it… you are NOT a monotonous stale creature… you are creative and multifaceted… made in our image… venture out and explore the colors that are you.
Done deal.  (And some bangs to go the full distance.)

Phase 2-“Espresso”

So dying hair is not, I discovered, as easy as I thought it should be.  Call me amateur.  I discovered shortly after the first dye session that a large strip of hair in the back of my head didn’t get enough dye on it and remained light.  SOOO I tried it again… a little different color this time and ended up with THIS…
Sure enough, this time also I MISSED some!  Or perhaps I’m just not dye savvy.  Ah well.  It’s fine for now.  And after a couple weeks of being dark I no longer cringe when I see my reflection in the mirror.  In fact, it’s kind of fun!  The biggest change following the new do is that my complexion is more washed out than with my lighter locks.  This translates into more prep-time in the morning as I experiment with makeup to match the new do.  I think I’m getting the hang of it!  And am feeling rather comfortable with the new look…

ESPECIALLY as I learn to BE ME in spite of the color of my hair.

A journey to be continued…

*For those that are curious, I used Garnier’s new oil-based dye on the first go around.  It was Garnier Olia 4.0 Dark Brown.  This was nice in that it has no ammonia and therefore a rather pleasant scent.  It was easy to apply (except for my own struggle to get all of my hair evenly covered).  The one negative I noticed was that my hair felt especially dry after rinsing.  I thought this funny as the dye is OIL-based.  HOWEVER it does come with a very nice conditioner that has several applications worth and after another wash and condition my hair felt normal again.  On the second round I used Garnier again, but this time Garnier Nutrisse 3.0 Darkest Brown.  This one was equally easy to apply, smelled mildly ammonia-ish, did not leave my hair feeling dry like the last round, but the conditioner was not as impressive as that in the Olia.