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I have found over the years that when I am going through something, very often others are going through something VERY SIMILAR.

Although circumstancially our experiences are usually completely different, the principles and lessons behind the adventures are often the same.

For that reason I felt it would be worth sharing a simple but profound picture that has recently given me helpful perspective on this leg of the journey.

The perspective came from an article by Doug Addison published on ElijahList recently.  Although the entire article is worth a read (click here for that), this particular section is what I have most pondered in recent days:

“The way to respond in unclear times is to keep moving forward.It’s similar to driving through an unexpected fog bank. The sun is still shining above the fog, and it will eventually break through. Remain calm, steady and carry on!”

-Doug Addison

(from ElijahList published June-July 2013)

“Winter Road” Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I shared this with a friend the other day who immediately pointed out the fact that when driving through a fog one uses a different set of lights to navigate… lights that point down bringing clarity inches ahead of the car instead of feet.

I can certainly relate.  One of my natural gifts is to See far off.  I generally have Big Future Perspective, which keeps me focused and driven.  Not so lately, and I find it very frustrating… even depressing.  And I’m largely unmotivated for life in general.

But this little shift in Perspective has given me better direction as I navigate these current days…

-Its a reminder that a fog can tarry (sometimes for a long while) but it never lasts forever.

-Hope is lifted to remember that although I cannot see the sun (Son) it (He) is still shining.

-I am challenged to put down the tools I most commonly turn to for direction (my headlights) in exchange for another set of lights (fog lights)… and I am relieved to know that is OK!

-And I ponder the fact that when driving and vision is clear all those in the vehicle are apt to turn their attention outward to the scenery beyond; when in a fog however all attention is suddenly shifted inward and we become more aware of our immediate surroundings and of each other.  And that too is GOOD!  Releases us from feeling the pressure to perform now as we would when the air is clear.

So, to my fellow Fog-Wanderers…

Keep Moving Forward… Fog Lights ON!

Love you!