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I’ve been feeling lower than usual.

The landscape of life is blocked by Fog, with Dreams and Potential equally masked.

Dreams and Potential are what keep me ticking.  The ability to enter into a Dream and to See Potential/Possibility (even if far-fetched) can bring forth Life and provide something Beautiful to look upon even in the densest fog.  Without them my life feels… weird… and pointless… feels like a whole lot of nothing but m o n o t o n y… and then I feel guilt as I kick myself for not finding Joy in the multiple Treasures that I’m taking for granted right under my nose.  However, even those little “Treasures” (aka “Peas”) are feeling the season we’re in and life for them is also

m  o  n  o  t  o  n  y.

In times like these the simplest of activities seem to lose meaning.  Why cook a nice meal if no one can See or Taste it through the fog?  Why wash the dishes when all that comes next is more dirty dishes?  Why clean the house when it is only a source of contention between Mama and Peas and five minutes after a clean-up all is a wreck again because no one cares and there is no tangible reason to make it clean in the first place?

How are we supposed to behave in times like these?  When the fog is so thick you can hardly see the road in front of you, and you almost forget where you were going to in the first place.

The heaviness wants to push us to lethargy… and I wonder if that’s actually bad?  Perhaps an extra nap or two would do us good?  Help us rest up for the next season… the one that is SURE to come because it always does… when the Sun breaks through and we’re all off and running again.

What does all this depressed babble have to do with “Tweedleedee and Ovaltine”??


And everything.

This season seems to have no real rhythm or reason to it.

Just like this title.

But strangely enough, I think there are answers that lie in “Tweedleedee and Ovaltine” because I find it’s the silly little random things like these two silly, random words that just pulled a Smile out of me in a season where Smiles are few and far between.  It’s these little Smiles that push me forward just enough to keep me moving… even if veeeerrrry slooooowly.

Like the other day, as I was walking through the supermarket and a bright-orange container of “Ovaltine” caught my eye and made me Smile.  I’d never tasted Ovaltine, but the sight of it made me recall the classic holiday movie “A Christmas Story” where Ovaltine made its mark on my mind… and in my opinion will surely make itself remembered for many generations to come, thus keeping an out-dated supermarket item on the shelves, if only for the reason of nostalgia.

Anyway, I bought it.

And tried it.

And it’s not half bad!

Although I much prefer the name Aspen gave to the drink when she asked me last night for a “Hot Tina”.  Yeah baby!  One “Hot Tina” comin’ up!  And why not throw in a rice crispy treat just cuz’ I happened to have one… plus its random… like this post.


Maybe some of you need yourself a cup of “Hot Tina” too…

because as I am fully coming to expect nowadays…


Which once again confirms my theory of “The Body” and our connectedness within it.  That although we can be miles, even continents apart, our trials, challenges and celebrations can-be and are mutually felt.  And that when HS is working on a particular theme in one part of The Body it is also being worked out in the other parts as well.  If water goes in through the mouth it eventually reaches every other part of the body… as is true for poison…. Hmmm.

Moving on from this band-wagon…

Here are some current reads from some of my “favorites” that my recently-foggy-heart has resonated with… some because they helped put words to my own undefined feelings, some because of their accuracy in labeling the season… and all of them for their ENCOURAGEMENT.

Following after my namesake (the late Gramma Tica) I will now pass on to you a few fantastic articles:

First off, Momastery continues to speak volumes through “truth-telling” and tangibly dangles before us the real possibility of AUTHENTIC AUTHENTICITY… See “G How are You” or “On Forgetting and Remembering” to touch base with some excellent “truth-telling” about ‘Depression‘ that may just help bring definition to some of your own trials… and then click your little self on over to “Whack a Mole” for a hearty giggle to top off this refreshing dose of Glennon.

Then there’s my cousin (really ‘sister’) Crystal who ONLY YESTERDAY TOLD ME ABOUT HER BLOG THAT SHE’S BEEN WORKING ON FOR QUITE SOME TIME (stinker!!!).  She is one of my favorites in the whole wide world!  Another refreshing soul to be around because she’s OPEN and HONEST which creates a safe place for others to do/be the same.  She writes specifically about her struggle with being single in “A Red Horizon… Dawn or Doom?” and although I am not single myself I ‘found myself’ in her words nonetheless.  Read it!

Can’t help but pass you on to another “sister” (this one happens to be BOTH a soul-sister and a biological-sister).  Polly is such a breath of fresh air as she unknowingly passes encouragement on to all that she meets just by way of living her life.  Read her hostessing trial-and-triumph in “It’s My Party I Can Cry if I Want To“.

And finally I take you to ElijahList where every so often a “word” comes through that is so totally relevant to where I’m at that I find myself copying and pasting the link to LOTS of other people that I know it will encourage as well.  In the last weeks there have been a few of those.  One I already linked to earlier in afullpod’s last post titled “Fog Lights” … this encouraging article was written by Doug Addison and titled “July to December–A Time of Promises Fulfilled“… Although I admit I’m bummed that July is in full swing and I have yet to see the reality of what he speaks of… there’s still time… and Doug has spoken very accurately and with great Wisdom in the past.  From here check out what the old prophet Bob Jones has to say in “A New Dawn for “The Children of Light”” as he nails it when he describes the season we are currently in and brings fresh perspective through the simple analogy of ‘what happens when a light is turned on in the dark’.  And finally (although you are welcome to browse here on ElijahList for other recent articles) Bill Yount sparked a flame in my little Bloggin’ Heart in this article titled “A Kairos Moment: the Exact Instant in Time When God Acts“–this specifically speaks to “writers” and “singles”–LOVE IT!

Then for some Random-Rhythm in your life you might want to listen to LaVern Bakers 1955 hit “Tweedlee Dee”… Cuz’ the word is in my title and I suppose I should have some sort of reason for that.


I will leave you with a couple photos of the most recent Random-Moments that pulled a momentary Smile right up and out of this melancholy-Mama…

As always I send you off with LOVE– BigSis