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I am incredibly fortunate to have a handful of AMAZING people that I call friends.

Even when I am absent from their lives for large periods of time, they are always there when I come back.

They LOVE me!

And I LOVE them.

One of these is my little-sis Betsy (affectionately known in our house as “BigBets” so as not to confuse with our “little” Betsy).

BigBets called me the other day and shared some snippets of what she is recently learning and I found it Very Encouraging!  So much so that I asked her to write it down and send it to me, so that I could pass it on to YOU.

Make yourself your favorite beverage, find a cozy corner, and have a moment with my Little-Sis ‘BigBets’…


Here’s a ‘living’ photo of my little-sis Betsy. Don’t you wish you could hang with her???
Me too.

“[Tica], So good talking with you!!! So I’ll try to put into words what I said and you can fill in the gaps…the night before I got this “revelation” from the hs I had read a journal entry from seven years ago, all about dreams longing to be fulfilled, not knowing how to go about them and praying god would lead all of us on the path he chose…and here I sit seven years later, many longings have been fulfilled (amazing hubby, perfect baby, beautiful country to live in) yet my journal entry’s of late have been quite similar to seven years ago. Longing to fulfill some bigger purpose, knowing I have the potential and passion to do so many things, but not knowing how to go about achieving them…this launched me into a big yell/sob-fest with god…so ready for him to come down and heal, to save, to provide, to prosper his people…yet where is he?? The night ended with puffy eyes and an overall peace that I know my god loves me. He holds me and all those I love. He wants the best for us. And I will continue to move forward in that faith….so next day…I’ve been watching game of thrones with james lately and loving it 🙂 I was journaling trying to hear from hs when an episode from the night before replayed in my head but also shifted something within me. The episode was about Khaleesi, a girl of royal blood who was exiled to a distant land when her family was killed and the throne taken over. Her brother was an evil man with his heart set on returning to their homeland and taking back the throne. In order to accomplish his dream he sold Khaleesi to an evil man in order to obtain his army. Khaleesi began as a frightened girl who acted as a slave to her brother and husband and as the show rolls on, she becomes a woman who speaks boldly, is respected by many and destined to rule. The scene that stuck out was when she buys thousands of trained soldier slaves as her army and frees them all. These soldiers were trained to do everything she commanded, yet she gave them complete free will to stay or to go…I so badly want to walk with the Holy Spirit every day that I often times make myself like one of these slaves…incapable of doing anything unless commanded to do so. I believe I am supposed to act more like Khaleesi, knowing who I am and boldly moving forward as royalty. I felt a freedom to move, knowing that who I am wants to do the fathers will; hs is my helper and will come alongside my daily choices…if they are wrong my heart is in check with the father daily and he will let me know. I no longer want to be a scared little slave. I want to be a brave and bold woman who acts out of love and joy.
Love you!  [Betsy]”