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So a few months back the beauty-saga was about dyeing hair… To-Dye or Not-To-Dye.

‘To-Dye’ won out and my hair shifted from a highlighted dirty-blond to black-brown; which has been fun!  And challenging… it has challenged me to BE ME regardless of how I look… and recently, it is stretching my imagination and whalloping my vanity as my roots grow out revealing the truth behind my FAKE hair.  I’m a Fraudulent Dark-Brunette!  And currently have no way to fix it.  Soooo, each day I call upon ingenuity and positive thinking to steer what could be a looong season of waiting for hair to grow out, into something more fruitful, and better-looking ;).

One of the solutions I have stumbled upon recently is merely a quick shift of perspective that shifts focus from obvious-root-growth to interesting texture by changing my part… Like so…

Pretty simple, but has helped me to feel a whole lot more put-together these last weeks.

And while we’re here on the “Beauty” subject again, I thought I’d pass on a couple more products I’ve been liking recently…

1.  The first is BB Cream.  Wikipedia says, “BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock.”  That’s A LOT of good stuff poured into ONE PRODUCT that covers lots of bases, and ONE APPLICATION… I LIKE THAT!!  Plus, I am not a fan of foundation as it tends to irritate my skin, but I have found this BB Cream (I currently have the Garnier Brand) to be EXCELLENT for adding moisture to my usually dry skin PLUS subtly smoothing out any unevenness in my skin-tone (like a foundation would) without being heavy or irritating.


In these photos I am sporting a zig-zag part in my hair, and JUST BB cream on my face.  And then I had to throw in a photo to help push My Theory that the BEST ACCESSORY EVER is a child… even if he is feverish and attempting to grow ALL of his back molars at one time!

2.  Victoria’s Secret Hypergloss Eye Shimmer.  This tube, in color “golden lights”, was given to me by my good friend Heather last summer and is still working wonders in my makeup routine.  I don’t use it every day, but I LOVE the days I do!  It goes on smooth, lasts all day and adds just a hint of color and shimmer to my eyes that I find very effective, especially on days that I don’t want to bother with longer applications of eye-shadow, eye-liner, and all the rest.  Just a little bit of this all on its own, and I feel put-together.  OR use it in conjunction with other shadows and liners for greater depth.  Either way, I have found this stuff to be a winner!!!

IMG_7482And here’s a quick peek at today’s finished product…

Feeling ‘Put-Together’ with a shnazzy-root-hiding-hair-do, and more Radiant with BB Cream and a little makeup on my face.

IMG_7497 HUGS to you and your own Beautiful Self!

♥ BigSis