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Graham Cooke has unknowingly been my mentor for the last 7 years.  His Incredibly Positive yet Perfectly Real perspective on God and Life are truly BRILLIANT!

Here is just a tiny sampling of what the Father sends forth from Grahams heart:

“Heaven doesn’t acknowledge a problem, it just says there’s a better solution.

Heaven doesn’t “work through” problems, it just creates something better and different and because we are in Christ, we get that same creative ability.

We don’t have to work on anything negative, we just replace it with something better and work on that.

It’s called the mind of Christ…

[When we] respond to life and circumstances, we don’t do it through a problem frame, we do it through a creative one.”

– Graham Cooke, from Growing Up in God

Please DO have a browse at Graham Cookes’ Online Home called “Brilliant Perspectives”; or make your way straight over to Brilliant Book House for books, cd’s, or (my favorite) MP3-downloads by Graham (start with this one that is FREE!).  I promise… You will ABSOLUTELY be BLESSED and ENCOURAGED!