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The following journal entry flows from contemplation as I wrestle a familiar battle.

This battle is with fear and anxiety as I near the labor and birthing process… baby #9 due to arrive any day now.  I struggle with compounded memories of past labors, and fear and anxiety bombard me.

If Jesus in His Passion took upon himself ALL punishment associated with the curses of the O.T. then in my mind that means it is possible to bypass fear and anxiety; and even opens up the Possibility of experiencing the Birthing Process DIFFERENTLY than women have known it for centuries past…

I ask… What was Birthing New Life meant to look like before The Fall and the curses that naturally followed???

I don’t often post journal entries so soon after they are written, but as I am up at this wee morning hour, and the subject is relevant to NOW, this entry is apparently meant to go from Paper to Publish without delay :).

I think you will find this prayer relevant to your own life situations as well… You may have it :).

Love and Blessing to you on this fine NEW DAY!


September 20, 2013                                                Friday 3:07 a.m.

I have a thought to ask this morning for Redemption and Cleansing of the family line, all the way back to Eve… that the twisted distorted Truth of LOVE would be made Straight and Right and Holy once again.  That there would be a cleansing of Memory all the way down the line so that the Past Darkness would no longer have an effect on the present and future.  I ask that the Moment of Creation in all its Perfection would come forward into today, and that the Moment of Redemption at the Cross of Christ would burst backward and forward across the family line… Both of these Perfect Moments of NEW LIFE moving up and down the family line bringing Cleansing and Healing and Right-Thinking so that all areas of disease and distortion would be Cleansed and Rectified—made Righteous and Whole once again.  May Rejoicing and Praise return in their True Forms and HOLINESS Rest again upon humanity.

May the work of the Cross manifest itself in this line… LOVE and LIFE Reigning over anxiety, fear, disease, death and all other forms of darkness.



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Love BigSis)