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Recently I have been aware of some significant shifts in the Spirit that are incredibly positive!  Absolutely worth rejoicing over and basking in… and YET a tremendous amount of rubbish being stirred up at the same time.

My inclination is to FREAK OUT… wondering what sort of Evil is at hand… wondering where the enemy is at and what he is doing and how in Heck I am supposed to combat it/him!!!

And I flounder… and I flail… as I seek Clarity and Wisdom.  And then I FREAK OUT again as I seek out an answer and seem to get NONE.  Is the Lord not Real?  Does He not care?  Or am I just so stupid that I cannot hear Him?


That is NOT Who the Lord is!  He is Kind and Good ALL THE TIME.  He does not desire our defeat and will not leave us orphaned or abandoned.

Last night was one of these.  After a day filled with several nibblets of good news, the evening set in and darkness seemed all too eager to CRUSH…  I awoke just past midnight hardly able to breath, choked by excess-mucous… kids stirred up and emotional… one munchkin ended up on the couch in our bedroom in coughing-misery… and for the second night in a row quiet sobs arose from the kids’ corridor where another slept restlessly, unable to wake from fitful dreams and quietly sobbing in his sleep…

Uh… not good…


As Nalia would say… “WUT THU HET!”

(translation: “What the Heck!?”)


So… last night… after floundering for a good 45 minutes, I finally found a place of Peace and Rest by stepping back rather than engaging the darkness…

back into my DEFAULT POSITION:

Breast to Breast with The Father.  I in His Strong Protective Arms curled up on His chest.  The child once again.  Not knowing what to do or how to do it.  Resting (and Trusting) in Papa’s arms of Safety and Love.


This was the last Really Clear Revelation I received from Heaven… over a year ago now! And yet, I keep coming back to it again and again and again.  (See Coffee With Papa)

It is my DEFAULT POSITION.  When all else fails and there is no clear Wisdom for the moment, this is where I turn or perhaps RE-turn.  And it has not failed me yet.  Or rather, HE has not failed me yet!


Perhaps you need to return to that place for a moment of refreshing in the midst of your own journey.  Setting all the thoughts and concerns of the moment aside, Trusting that God is Big Enough and GOOD Enough to care for them… even if they remain unresolved for a season.

The craziness of life persists this morning as I write.  But my heart has turned from the chaos and the darkness that stirs to the Heart of a Good God who LOVES.  Circumstances have not changed, Perspective has.

If you have a heart to do so, please DO share your current Default Position below.

In the mean time I take my leave to cuddle a screaming inconsolable child.

Livin’ Lovin’ Life.



Unnecessary reading, but the following is last nights journal entry to confirm the thoughts from above…

(For an explanation on this and other posts under “Raw, Real and Unplugged” see this post.)

October 1, 2013                                                                        Tuesday 12:22 a.m.

Awake feeling almost choked by mucous.  Several of us are manifesting a cold.  I feel a yucky negativity lingering lately; right at the same time that I feel breakthrough is VERY CLOSE AT HAND.

Father, what do You want me to See and Know about this?  What is my focus to be?  What is Wisdom in this situation?  Is there a fight to be had?  Am I to ignore the darkness that encroaches upon us, seeking to intimidate and distract?  Or am I to confront it and command it to go?

Without knowing clearly what to do, my current default position is Your Arms Father… remembering the Coffee Shop.

And what about my babies and my Honey?

I must Trust that they too will RECIEVE when my spirit is postured Rightly before You… let it be so!

And if I am off-course PLEASE correct/redirect me!  I Trust that You will.  You are Big Enough, and I have willingly asked.