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Crack and Crevices

Last year about this time I was contemplating a clouded season that I wrote about in “Fog Lights“; this new season is quite the opposite in that it seems to be more about LIGHT.  A Shining Light that initially feels a bit uncomfortable because

Light Exposes.

I received a word almost two years ago that spoke of darkness hidden in nooks and crannies of my life being exposed.  I admit that I cringed when the word was delivered… “What!?  Darkness in sweet little innocent me!?  Who do you think you are woman who doesn’t know me at all and is delivering such a word to me–you must have got it wrong!”  …


I quietly pouted for a moment, until I remembered that The Lord is Kind and Good ALL THE TIME, and that every circumstance and situation and Word from His mouth (or spoken through His servants) is for our Good and not our Calamity.  So I got excited and decided to press into the word rather than run from it.  Two years later I still see this word unfolding, often times uncomfortable, but ALWAYS with beauty on the other side.  As I observe the lives of others around me I realize that the word was not only for my life, but it is a strategy of The Lord that is touching His Body as He moves us into greater anointing and appointment within the Kingdom.

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There has been much good fruit from your life already, but there are nooks and crannies where darkness remains and the Light of Christ is come to fill even those places.

Don’t cringe, try to tuck away or run from anything dark or moldy that may be rising up in your life right now.  It is the Lord bringing you from glory to Glory to GLORY.  Rejoice!  He is KIND and will protect you as you move through the sludge and darkness that is rising up.  Be Excited!  These things that are showing up are evidence that what would like to remain hidden in darkness, festering and growing where it has been safely hidden, is being exposed so that it can be dealt-with/disposed-of never to poison you again!  Think of yourself as a mountain that is strong and bold and beautiful and has been to great heights and done a lot of great things.  Lots of Amazing Growth and Activity on your slopes!  But there are crevices and caves where darkness is still tucked away.  Jesus has come to shine His Light into THOSE PLACES.  Places that seem like they are meant to be dark.  It is ok to have places that remain hidden from human eyes, Secret Places where we meet with The Father, but we cheerfully welcome the Light of Jesus into those secret cracks and crevices so that nothing is left untouched by His Love.

Out with the Dark in with the Light

I had a great visual of this concept last Saturday when I asked Dusty to shift his tree-cleaning focus to a new area on the property.  I had a strong pull to remove a couple trees from a spot near the house.  Dusty kindly obliged me and cut down three big pine trees.  As I watched the third tree fall my heart sank.  The space was suddenly SO EXPOSED and I wondered if I had made a poor call.  Dusty felt it too and he set down his chainsaw to join me in observing the scene.  After a few moments of talking it through, we came to the conclusion that we needed to trust our original instinct on pulling out the trees.  Shortly after we affirmed our decision, we both got really excited and saw the space in a completely different light.  Something heavy lifted.  It was as if something did not want the trees to be moved and lashed out at us for doing so.  When the wrath of the unseen-bully evaporated we not only shifted from thinking it OK that we removed the trees, but we Rejoiced that we had done so.


Five days later I couldn’t be happier at our decision.  Removing that blockage has not only opened up the space for a beautiful walnut tree that was hardly noticed previously, but also allows much more sunlight into my kitchen which I had been longing for; the atmosphere around the house has even shifted!  I have felt a lightness in the atmosphere and a new energy, creativity and flow in my daily routine.  The trees weren’t bad.  They probably even served a good purpose in past seasons, but for this new season they are most valuable as firewood.

There is much Freedom in bringing Light to Dark places.  Sometimes even good things need to be removed to make paths for the Light shine.