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This is a story I do not fully understand.  But it comes back to me regularly.  Like this morning when I received a forwarded email from Marcy calling for urgent prayer for the ISIS crisis in the Middle East.  Apparently christian children are being systematically beheaded in front of their families if they choose not to renounce their Faith in Jesus.

How do I process something like that in the contrasting comfort and peace that I live in?  I can’t even imagine how I would handle a situation like that.  They are calling for prayer… but how do I pray?  And… does prayer even work?  What the heck is prayer anyway?  And how can it possibly effect something/someone thousands of miles away, totally disconnected from my life?

I don’t know.

And that is when Aliyah’s story comes back to me again.

About a year after we moved from the States to New Zealand I woke up one morning with my niece Aliyah prominently on my mind.  Nothing in particular… I just woke up thinking about her.  And rather than push the thought away I just casually thought on her off and on for the rest of the day.  Wondering how she was… thinking what an Amazing and Beautiful little girl she was… knowing in my heart that she was specially chosen to be the BigSis of her own family… and KNOWING that she will fill that role Extraordinarily.  In my heart I was applauding her and cheering her on, and wishing her the very best… desiring that the Fullness of her Design would be realized.  That seems like a lot, but it was honestly very casual… I wasn’t on my knees in prayer or working hard to think of her… I just casually entertained these thoughts as I went about my day… loving on my own babies… making breakfast… changing diapers… homeschooling and ALSO thinking of Aliyah.  She came to mind for a couple of days off and on, and that was it.

Two days later, I received an email from Polly (from the States… thousands of miles from my own abode in New Zealand).  She said she had just come in from an early morning run and Aliyah came running down the stairs with in her good-morning-sleepy-head and excited eyes saying “Mommy Mommy! I just had a really good dream.  Tica was with me, and she was Loving me!”

I cry!

I have no idea about the logistics of such things.  I couldn’t begin to debate theologically with you on the subject either.  But none of that really matters to me, because in my heart I am convinced that nonchalantly I sent my Love to Aliyah, and in her wide-open childlikeness, she received it.  And ever since that experience, that is how I see prayer.  My own heart open to the thoughts of the Father, then re-directed at the object of His affection, which has also become the object of mine.

Love-Power to me… Love-Power through me.

And so this experience has come to me again as I sat with the Lord this morning after reading Marcy’s call for prayer.

“Father… How can my little person have effect on such a massive situation all the way across the world?”

… and immediately I saw an image…

One child.

… and this thought (“prayer”?) followed…

I see one child and I send my heart and my Love to that one.  May the child be enveloped in Hope, Love, Courage, Peace and filled with JOY.  May the child’s mind receive a supernatural download of Wisdom and Heavenly Perspective that will change everything.  Light and Love radiating through the child’s eyes, bringing Courage and Hope to others, and piercing even the most hardened of the ISIS ranks.  May the child be CONTAGIOUS with Hope and Love and JOY, spreading these infectiously to other children and adults alike.

Where darkness is blackest the Light shines most brightly.  Let it be so in Iraq.  May the “Lights” that are planted in the Middle East be infused with greater and greater Hope and may these Lights pulsate stronger and stronger with each beat, creating a cadence by which The Kingdom is ushered in… trampling and crushing the terror of satan and his hordes.


One Bold, Beautiful, Untouchable soul is all it takes.

NO MORE lives unnecessarily lost.

In Jesus Name.


Thank you Aliyah, for being wonderfully you 🙂