Hello Dear Ones… I admit it has been too long.  My heart is backed up with words, thoughts and stories unshared.

This is an awkward post.  Cheeky.  But as usual, real to the moment.  If I don’t tell you where I’m at, you won’t know!  And I encourage you with the same.

First, I am addressing this post to those who know and love me.  (Any un-met-friends out there, you are not excluded, but if you choose to read on you’ll see why.)

Here’s the deal… I currently find myself in a very strange moment in time that I desire to make the very most of.  I don’t want to miss the opportunity.  A window has unexpectedly opened for me to take a breath in the midst of craziness.  A few weeks ago I went from thinking I’d have extra children at home (due to a few of the crew asking to return home for schooling) to ALL children enrolled either part-time or full-time at school or preschool.  What!?  BigSis enrolled her Littles at preschool?!  I KNOW!  I am shocked myself!  And yet, it is absolutely amazing for this season.  But it appears to be just that… a Season.  I still have three bigger kids who are asking to come home to be taught, and it feels right to honor their request.  In the mean time I have a few weeks left with kiddos gone during the day and a bit of time to myself.

And what will I do with my time you ask?

I have been hearing in my Spirit “Secure your own mask first”… as instructed when flying in an airplane… if there is a loss of cabin pressure and the air-masks appear we are to secure our own mask FIRST, BEFORE we attempt to help anyone else… because with your own mask secured you will be better fit to help those around you.

So here’s the cheekiness of this post… if any of you have extra resources that you’re heart would happily pass on to mine, I’d be obliged.  Here are some ideas:

  • Love and Prayer… I don’t request this lightly because I absolutely believe in the Power of both.  You can send me your Love anytime… there are some fun studies out there proving that Love (as intangible as it may seem at times) has power to transcend time and space… you can send your Love to whomever-whenever and it effects things!  Prayer too is pretty awesome, but I’d ask that whether you pray for me, yourself, or others that you sit with the Lord first and Hear His Heart on the matter before you start declaring things.  Often what is on His Heart for a matter is different than what you might think… or what He desires to release through you is different than what He will release through another.  For example… I have an acquaintance who’s baby was born two months early and I found myself wide awake in the middle of one night with the baby on my heart… so I searched for the Lord to see where His heart was on the matter and what He might be inviting me into… to my surprise I could not settle on the baby or his Mama or his Papa, but found my attention drawn to premie-baby’s grandma and was given revelation on how to love that child via his grandma by setting her free from something that made her feel stuck.  Information I did not have previous to seeking the Lords’ heart.  The following day the revelation I had received for this new grandmother was revealed to be true and she was released to love this sweet baby in a new way.  A totally unexpected route for my prayer, but hey, God is pretty much A M A Z I N G and super Fun and Cool … He Sees ALL and has the most brilliant military tactics for every situation.  Check in with Him first before you start making requests and declarations.  It’s a fun game :). Try it!  I’d be much obliged.

  • Fun Stuff / Girlie Stuff… If it touches any of your hearts to pass me a tangible nudge that’s fun too… like, it’s been a good year since my last hair cut… my glasses are very scratched and outdated… mani-pedi’s are (DUH) awesome… and I can give more detailed specifics if requested.  In New Zealand tangible gifts can be sent straight to me or via Sissy-Bets or someone who knows me.  In the States send your nudges to my Mama who has access to our American account.  Tell me or remain anonymous.  But only if it blesses your heart and you have fun doing it.

Cheeky?  Sure :).  But if I don’t tell you, you might not know!  What might you have to reveal about where you are at that I may not know?  Pass it on.

Hugs and Love from the Autumn Splendor of New Zealand!

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Time to stop and smell the roses :)  Glass of wine in one hand, baby in the other.  What bliss!

Jodi caught me smelling roses. I am MASSIVELY Blessed to have her with me right now!!! Glass of wine in one hand, baby in the other.  Bliss!  If we don’t snag these moments when they come, they too easily pass us by!