Sometimes we become aware that we carry something within us that is Uniquely Ours. A Uniqueness that is potentially un-applauded by the people around us. Misunderstood. For they do not carry the same. Nor have they seen the same before. That’s why it’s called “Unique”.

Sometimes we forget that what’s Unique in us NEEDS to be nurtured or it will never be allowed to Shine in this world; to add Richness to our own life, to our families, to our neighbourhoods, towns, cities, regions, countries–The World. And what is Unique in others needs the same permission and room to grow.

Sometimes we forget that what we carry is Important. Important to ones Self and Important to the One who gave us that Special Something to begin with.

It’s been said that the number one regret people have on their deathbed is they wish they’d had the Courage to live to True to their Self and not lived the life others expected of them.

Sometimes we’re Guilty of living life like that; according to our perceptions of what others think we are or should be rather than plunging head first into discovering Who we were actually Designed to Be.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have a gentle wake up call to remind us what’s important. Not so close to home that it hurts directly, but close enough to leave a mark.  (Thank you freckledfox for being Brave and Kind in sharing your and Martin’s story, and to Marcy for unpacking yours with me!)

Sometimes it’s best to start fresh by saying I’m Sorry. Starting with your Self. And then to your friends who have missed You being You. And then to the world who didn’t know it needed your Unigueness, but certainly it did. Does!

Be Brave. Be YOU!


Hello Again from BigSis 💋