About BigSis

I am a Modern-day Old-fashioned Home-maker.

There are three decisions I have made that most deeply define who I am:

1 – to follow and entrust my whole life and all that I hold Dear into the Heart and Hands of my Dear Father, my Precious Jesus, and my Hilarious Friend and Helper, HS.

2 – to join my heart and being to my Sweet Dusty.


3 – to be open to ANY life that should Will to proceed from 1 and 2.

(As proof of this reality, I write this intro from New Zealand with belly bulging and seven weeks left until baby #9 is brought into this world.)

My heart and purpose for writing Being BigSis is to release a part of my Being that has always existed but has not always been fully accepted.  “BigSis” is a large part of who I am both naturally (first born of 7 and eldest of many cousins on both maternal and paternal sides of the family) and BigSis is what my Spirit resounds with before the Father.  She is Raw and Real and Unplugged.  

My desire in stepping out into this exposed territory in all my BigSis-ness is to wiggle and wriggle my way through the Rough and Tumble as well as the Astounding and Beautiful with all of you… My fellow travelers on this journey toward Greater Love and Highest Truth… this Journey we call LIFE.

Being BigSis was birthed from A Full Pod, but has developed to a point that it needed its own “room”.  Grab yourself your favorite ‘cuppa’ and curl up with me in my Tea-Room.  You are very welcome here!

With Big Big Love and Excitement…

I am forever yours,

BigSis signature


I have no greater desire than to place my heart, my hands, my pen, my LIFE and my BEING into The Father’s Perfect, Precious, Gentle, Loving, Strong, Firm, Absolutely Capable Hands/Heart/Being.  There is no greater place to be.  

Jesus! Father! Spirit!

I Trust in You.



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